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How to order?


If you choose one of the standard packages, click on the proper „Order Now” button. System will generate automatically your order-mail. If you order more packages, you need to itemize them in one order-mail, or send more mails – pack by pack, clicking on the „Order Now” buttons of selected packages.

Based on your order we send a Paypal invoice. After receiving your payment we send an email with your download link. The backing tracks are in mp3 format in a Zip file. The procedure is the same, if you can pay via bank transfer. Please inform us, if this option is suited for your payment.

You can order backing tracks one by one as a custom package. After clicking the proper „Order Now” button, please itemize the backing tracks in your mail. In this case the price is higher, than at standard packages.

If you have any questions please e-mail us at

If your mailing system does not support automatic mail generating (Outlook express does), you may send your order immediately from your mailing system.



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